Dream Crème Testimonials

“After having major surgery, Kate’s Dream Creme has been comfort food for my skin.”

M. Sayer, 7/15

“I bought Kate’s Dream Creme for my wife, and she absolutely loves it! She said, “If one is good two is better…and if you have two buy a third jar!” You have a customer for life.”

Steve Mehigan, Publisher of Ocean Home Magazine, 4/15

” This cream is the best. Katie gave me some for a Christmas present. I’ve been using it every night since then, and it is fabulous….when I wake up I can still feel the richness, but there is no greasy feeling….it has taken away all my wrinkles (or so it seems). I feel so young I went out and bought new hot pink sneakers and a sassy new haircut.”

J. Gordon 5/14

” I have suffered from eczema and dry skin my whole life. I have always had to use unscented thick crèmes because anything else would cause a break out in my skin. Dream crème not only cured my eczema and dry skin but also has a great scent and absorbs into your skin without the heaviness and stickiness of a thick crème.”

J. Field, 5/14

” So happy!! We love this cream!! Look for our blog post! “

Melanie Kaplan, Boston Design Guide, 3/14

” I can actually feel my skin respond as it drinks up kate’s dream crème when I apply it to my hands. This cream leaves my nails, hands and elbows feeling like they were dipped in satin, and unlike most products, this luxurious sensation is long lasting..…the instant I feel it wear off, I want more! “

PN, 5/14

” I was given a container of Kate’s Dream Cream for Christmas, a welcome gift as my hands were shafted from the cold. I kept it by the kitchen sink and dabbed some on between dishwashing, hand washing and food prep. The cream soothed my rough skin and eased the wear and tear of holiday prep. I loved the light scent, not too intrusive but just enough to remind me that I was wearing something special. Thanks Kate for making a cream that made my holiday! “

SD, 5/14

” I just wanted to thank you for the cream – It is So, So Amazing. We were down in South Carolina last weekend for a riding competition and we all got burned and every night and morning I was slathering kate’s dream crème on because it’s the only thing that made my skin feel better. One of my twins is 16 years old, and is very fair with red hair and blue eyes – her skin is so sensitive. She tried a little dab and was like “Wow, this doesn’t hurt my skin! “

S. Lichten Csongor, 4/14

” With the harsh winter weather we had this past year; it was a welcome addition on keeping my skin looking great.The dream crème truly moisturizes and rehydrates. Plus, I love the way my skin feels after I put it on – so soft. I truly obsess about keeping my hands moisturized – there’s nothing I hate more than dry hands – this does the trick. I loved it so much I purchased additional jars to share with some of my clients as a gift. They LOVE IT. “

Victoria Boucher, Janus et Cie, 5/14