• NE_Home_tn
    Design New England
    Title: Best of Both Views
    Author: Courtney Kasianowicz
    Photography: Eric Roth
    Date: July, August 2014
  • NE_Home_tn
    New England Home
    Title: Spotlight on Drama
    Author: Paula M. Bodah
    Photography: Eric Roth
    Date: March,April 2013
  • Great_Outdoors_tn
    Ocean Home
    Title: New England Living
    Author: Kiley Jacques
    Photography: Richard Mandelkorn
    Date: April, May 2013
  • cape_cod_home
    Cape Cod Home
    Title: Reader’s Resources
    Author: Matthew Nilson
    Photography: Richard Mandelkorn
    Date: Spring 2013

  • Publication: Connecticut Cottage
    Title: A Sea Change
    Author: Maria Lapiana
    Photography: Brian Vanden Brink
    Date: June 2011 Edition

  • Publication: Southern New England Home
    Title: Luxury : Unrefined
    Author: Danielle Cort
    Date: 2011-12 Annual Edition

  • Publication: Design New England
    Title: Set In Stone
    Author: Jill Connors
    Photography: Dave Henderson
    Date: March/April 2010

  • Publication: Better Homes
    Title: Second Chance
    Author: Todd Keith
    Photography: Eric Roth
    Date: Summer 2009
  • New England Home’s Cape & Islands
    Publication: New England Home’s Cape & Islands
    Title: The Finishing Touch
    Author: Regina Cole
    Date: Special Issue: Summer 2008

  • Publication: The Wall Street Journal
    Title: The Vegetable Patch Goes Luxe
    Author: Ellen Gamerman
    Date: July 25, 2008

  • Publication: Southern New England Home
    Title: Bocce and Gardens: Kate Field’s Idea of Heaven
    Author: Barbara Gee
    Date: 2008-09 Annual Edition

  • Publication: Coastal Living
    Title: Miles Away from the Ordinary
    Author: Marion Laffey Fox
    Date: September 2007

  • Publication: Country Gardens: Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication
    Title: Following Nature’s Lead
    Author: Jo Kellum
    Date: Spring 2006

  • Publication: Southern New England Home
    Title: Heart and Soul
    Author: Staff Writer
    Date: 2005-2006 Annual Edition

  • Publication: Better Homes and Gardens
    Title: Serenity Is In The Details
    Author: Jacqueline Heriteau
    Date: March 2005

  • Publication: Cape Cod & Islands Home
    Title: Turning Up the Heat
    Author: Jaci Conry
    Date: Summer 2004

  • Publication: The Providence Journal
    Title: Planning Makes Perfect
    Author: Katherine Imbrie
    Date: April 25, 2004

  • Publication: House Beautiful Home Building
    Title: Curb Appeal
    Author: Jill Connors
    Date: Fall 2003

  • Publication: Palm Beach Journal
    Title: A Gardener’s Life
    Author: Katherine Field
    Date: 2002