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“We have been gushing over the house and grounds. They are spectacular!” MM, Little Compton, RI                                                                    

“My heart skips a beat every time I pass by both terraces, you have transformed them! It was so much fun to go through the process with you, I learned so much and enjoyed every minute. Thank you ever so much.” VU, Newport, RI                                                                              

“We have enjoyed working with Kate because she has such a unique ability to see the big picture. This “vision” allows her create a proper balance between hardscape and softscape and enhance the outside environment to meet an owner’s needs and uses.” GP, Jamestown, RI 

“Kate’s ability, foresight, and talent transformed our properties not only into picturesque landscapes, but they look as if they have been this way for generations. One of my favorite things to do with Kate early in a project before any drawings are made, is to simply walk the property with her as she gets inspired and begins to suggest ideas. She walks and talks while constantly creating, designing, and describing the most beautiful, incredible, and creative vision that is topped only by the finished project itself. She is not only a gifted landscape architect, but she is also a truly gifted artist. She is a lot of fun to work with as well!”  JB,Barrington,RI

“Kate Field is one of the most immensely talented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She can take any outdoor space and transform it, not only into something visually beautiful, but somehow into a space that is perfectly suited for our family’s need. So many times we have sat and looked at our wonderfully transformed property and thought to ourselves, “This turned out perfectly!” Kate is a true gem.” SE,Brookline,MA                                    

“It is not often you meet someone as creative and as inventive as Kate who also has the know-how and management skills necessary to get even the most complicated projects done on-time and on-budget. Her sense of the aesthetic goes beyond her vision as a landscape architect. She and her team were involved in every design aspect of our project from stone walls, site layout and planting beds to weighing in on home architectural details as well as picking furniture and accessories. She is the complete package; a true artist and professional.” MM, Weston, MA                                                                                                                                                                           

“I have had the pleasure to work with Kate on several successful coastal residential projects. Kate is not only a talented visionary she also has the ability to realize the vision and to execute it in a practical manner with flair! Kate’s designs are both innovative and yet share a connection with nature. Kate tends to bring a positive energy to her projects that make the experience of working with her an enjoyable one.” JM, Parker Thompson Inc.,Providence,RI                                                                                         

I consider it a privilege to be able to work with you and your associates.WG, Brilliant Lighting, Inc., Natick, MA                                                                                                                                                                          

Technically strong, very professional and very nice people to worth with.”  LG,Jamestown,RI                                                                             

I truly enjoyed working with this firm. They were respectful, reliable and very pleasant. Our yard speaks for itself—it’s gorgeous! We could not be more pleased.” VB, Newport,RI      

Ray Maiello was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. He was professional, accommodating, always a good listener, offered creative solutions with thought to beauty and cost and always upbeat. I learned a lot though the process and it was always fun. I felt like I could be involved as much or as little as I wanted and always be satisfied with the outcome. CD, Middletown, RI                                                                                           

When I drove in, my jaw dropped (It takes a lot for that to happen). This is an amazing landscape. I walked the entire property in awe. All the money in the world would not give me the satisfaction I got walking through this beautiful landscape!  It reminds me why we put everything we have into each project. Thank you for letting me do this project.”     S. Michael Ward, Fields of Dreams Landscaping, Stonington, CT                                                 

“We worked with Katherine and her group with finishing an extremely difficult pool mosaic pool project. We were surprised how they kept close attention to detail. Look forward to another challenging project.” Mosaicist Inc.